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Fuxin Fengcheng Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an advanced technology company which developed and produced fine chemical products, and is located in yi-ma-tu fluorine chemical  industrial zone in Fuxin of liaoning province.The company mainly produced crude drugs, 3-Hydroxy-2-methylpyridine,etc.The products maily aimed at exporting, and are less to satisfy needs in China.

The company had perfect quality checking centers, and were strictly and regularly managed according to quality system authentication.Middle&Advanced technicians occupied 45 percent of all staff, and they are rich for developing and creating thinking and have skilled organic synthetic technique and rich producing experiences.They are skilled with development and testing for new products and optimized and improving of producing craft conditions and can satisfy customers' needs of new products furthest.

From starting on, the company insisted on the spirits of base of credit, getting victory by quality according to science and technology, treating guests honestly. It still insisted on making needs of customers as the objective to gradually develop and produce new organic compound, and ensure quality of products according to perfect quality supervision system. The company will hope to cooperate with partners in China to creat beautiful future with globalization coming.